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3 Reasons a Krabi Trip Makes for a Luxurious Experience

January 8, 2021

As one of the leading tourist meccas in the world, Krabi is a tropical paradise that goes by many names: The ninth wonder in the world, the modern-day Eden, and the very best beach Mother Nature has to offer.

As it welcomes thousands to millions of tourists annually, there’s no doubt that the destination in question has established a rapport that is worthy of praise in every way possible. In the case of backpackers and budget travelers, this tropical haven has become the go-to spot that many love to call their “home away from home.” Yet, this doesn’t take away its value as a luxury destination!

Thinking about a luxury vacation? Here’s why Krabi should be your top pick

With its wide scale reputation as a safe haven for those seeking paradise without the fact that they’re strapped for cash, it is easy for Krabi’s value as a luxury destination to get lost in translation. However, its budget-friendly appeal shouldn’t be deterring families and single-party tourists looking for a luxurious experience because life in the province can be as glamorous as it is relaxing and breathtaking!

If you’re thinking about going all-out for your next luxury vacation but don’t know what island paradise you should settle for, here are a few compelling reasons you should set your sights on Krabi: 

Reason #1: Location

Compared to other Asian island destinations, Krabi has much acclaim because of its prime location on Thailand’s map. This is ultimately why it has sprawling sunsets and clear aquamarine waters, thanks to the Andaman Sea.

Although some may say that other destinations in Phuket and Pattaya are worth visiting as well, this island sets itself apart as the main place to be because of how less dense it is in terms of visitors. With more space than other islands and beaches, this Thai island can easily feel like a private one when you choose the right spot to settle in, having beautiful sunsets, crashing waves, and island life for your personal consumption. 

Reason #2: Accommodation 

Apart from white sand beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and a top-tier geographical position, another aspect that makes Krabi so exclusive is its five-star accommodations.

When you take a look at the list of accommodations on the island for your luxurious vacation, you’ll quickly realize that there is no shortage of five-star hotels. For instance, the Venice Krabi is packed with all sorts of amenities and world-class features that are guaranteed to make any guest feel as pampered as possible, so make sure to book a room with us on your next trip!

Reason #3: Nightlife

If there’s anything that Krabi’s famous for that makes it so much more luxurious, it’s the world-famous nightlife that springs to life every day. Whether you want to embody the SoHo chic that you’ve watched on TV or live the luxurious party life of Malibu that you’ve always dreamt of experiencing, this island is undoubtedly the place for you!


When it comes to finding more reasons to visit Krabi, one of the most prominent and compelling points to consider is that it’s one of the most perfect places to be for luxury vacations. Once you get to the island, you’ll eventually start experiencing all the reasons mentioned above and set yourself up for the experience of a lifetime, so pack your bags right away!

When it comes to making the most out of your adventure on the island, there’s no better host capable of providing you with luxurious accommodation and amenities than Venice Krabi Villa Resort. Get in touch with us today to book a luxury resort in Krabi so that you can make your trip worth remembering for years to come!

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