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Venice Krabi Villa Resort
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Amidst 26 acres of fertile land, lakes and mangrove forests Venice Krabi Villa is committed to preserving and promoting this stunning nature and local way of life for generations to come.

Our harmonious dedication to sustainable tourism through our natural habitats, environmentally-responsible architecture, flora and fauna allows guests to enjoy guilt-free luxury and gracious local hospitality.

Built with locally sourced materials such as casuarina wood, bamboo and water reeds, the over water villas are modern interpretations of the sea gypsy dwellings where guests can help support the environment with their own eco-friendly habits.

Venice Krabi Villa Resort
Venice Krabi Villa Resort

Indulge in a healthy and mindful lifestyle

With farm-to-table cuisine produced with jasmine rice, herbs, vegetables as well as fresh herbal drinks prepared from organic ingredients grown at the resort.

Relax at the spa with traditional spa therapies and natural herbal products, and spend a refreshing day at the vast 65m swimming pool filled with mineral water that treats your hair and skin with care while eliminating the need to use harsh chemicals.

Water for our reservoirs is harvested entirely by rainwater and our garden waste is composted and used as organic fertiliser.

There are countless wildlife to encounter on our kayak tours and horse riding adventures, as the mangrove forests and lakes at Venice Krabi Villa Resort are home to a wide range of fish, monkeys, reptiles and birds.

Venice Krabi Villa Resort

Na Mi Chai Rice Field

You can immerse yourself into the local way of life and the wisdom passed down through generations. Especially the model of King Rama IX’s sufficiency economy philosophy which we have followed. 

It is the great opportunity to gain firsthand insight into the Southern rice field traditions, from participating in planting and harvesting techniques to witnessing the transformation of these grains into various culinary delights in our local cuisine.

Venice Krabi Villa Resort

V Eco Campaign

My name is Fiddler crab, I live on Mangrove area of Venice Krabi Villa Resort with my family and relatives. I love this place as it is full of Mangrove forest and clean water. I am actually curious a bit, how we could balance staying well together with land animal, but it seems no problem at all since I could remember. 

Then it makes me hope to have anyone care about saving my home, that would be a gift for me and our grandchildren’s grandchildren generations not yet born.

Venice Krabi Villa Resort

Social Responsibility

Venice Krabi Villa Resort (VKVR), A strong advocate to support the community involvement. We are proud to proof our aim and commit to be a part of the efforts to revive, preserve and perpetuate the restoration of Nature. Through a kind of support the local business by selecting the OTOP items as a hotel amenities and Souvenirs. 

Either keep joining the activities for community such as “Relief flood victim”, “Co-work with SAO about Landscape changes for Ban Ao Nam Mao School”, “Painting the bridge of Ao Nam Mao Pier”, “Big cleaning for Fossil beach and Ao Nam Mao beach.

Venice Krabi Villa Resort

Energy Efficiently

Venice Krabi Villa Resort (VKVR) has tried our best to manage the usage of energy efficiently and reduce the waste that may cause a Carbon footprint. Like we have put the solar lights along the walkways and especially about the energy saving key of guest rooms.

“In daily life, taking the key card out while roaming around could be able to play a significant role to Save World, Save Life, together with VKVR Team.”

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