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3 Reasons to Stay at a Resort During Your Next Krabi Trip

February 19, 2021

With your trip to Krabi coming soon, you’re probably on the last leg of your pre-trip preparations and close to just winging the rest of your plans because of your excitement.

As you mark the days off your calendar and start daydreaming about cool, refreshing days at the beach, you might be hoping that you have nothing else to prepare for. Now that your departure date is getting closure, it’s best to take a step back from your daydreaming because there’s one more thing you need to worry about: Booking your accommodation. 

Why it even pays to worry about your hotel

Considering that Krabi is a paradise in itself, you’re probably wondering if it’s even worth it to worry about where you’re staying since you’ll always be out in the sun most of the time. 

While that train of thought makes sense, the reality is that your accommodation choice makes up half of the experience you’ll have during your trip. One read through a handful of horror stories regarding Krabi will show you that most, if not all, of those who had a bad experience were likely due to the places they stayed at.

You see, wonderful experiences in Krabi are heavily rooted in the fact that people go on trips to paradise to relax. Beyond the beach itself, you’ll quickly realize that most of the experiences that you’ll look forward to once you land in the province can be found wherever you’re staying, especially if you took the time to choose the right option.

Here’s why you should consider staying in a resort during your next trip

Among the different options that you can choose from for your accommodation in Krabi, resorts will always stand out for all the right reasons. If you’re thinking about having the most luxurious, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience possible during your next trip to paradise, here are three reasons to book your stay at Venice Krabi ASAP: 

Reason #1: Resorts are run by people who actually care about their guests’ experience

The main reason most people who travel to Krabi choose to get a resort experience in the first place is that such establishments are run by people who craft the best experience possible. This means that every part of the experience—from the moment you receive the confirmation to the moment you check out—will always be magical if you go for an option like the Venice Krabi!

Reason #2: Resorts offer all your need for a memorable experience

Another reason many people choose to stay at a resort is that they have everything a guest could ever need right on-site, making it a lot easier to stay relaxed.

Whether you’re looking for a spa to get a thorough Thai massage, a restaurant to have amazing food in, or a bar to have some drinks, the chances are that a resort has it all. With Venice Krabi, for instance, you’ll never run out of opportunities to have fun experiences because we offer a wide range of services on-site, such as: 

  • Tea and drinks at the Chao Lay’s Cafe
  • Room service with an expansive menu that is filled with only the best dishes made by world-class chefs 
  • Beachside drinks with Chao Lay’s beach
  • Amazing dining experiences at the Koong-Kaang Restaurant
  • Unforgettable farm-to-table dishes at the Na-Mi-Chay
  • Relaxation with spa and massage treatments at the on-site spa

Reason #3: Resorts offer unparalleled convenience

If there’s anything that you should expect when you go to a resort in Krabi, it’s that you’ll never really have to lift a finger throughout your stay.

Seeing that resorts are filled with staff members that are trained to pamper every guest, booking your stay at one means that you’ll only have time to relax above all else. Instead of worrying about whether your bags are going to be ransacked or whether or not you’re going to make it to your airport on time, dedicated staff will take care of everything for you when you’re at a resort!


If you’ve got a trip to Krabi coming soon and you still don’t know where you’ll stay during your trip to paradise, it’s safe to say that there’s no other option that’s better than a resort. Once you book your stay at a resort and set out on your adventure, you’ll never run out of reasons to thank yourself for making the right decision! 

When it comes to making the most out of your adventure in Krabi, there’s no better host capable of providing you with luxurious accommodation and amenities than Venice Krabi Villa Resort. If you are looking for the best Krabi resorts, be sure to get in touch with us today to schedule your stay so that you can make your trip memorable!

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