3 Reasons You Deserve a Spa Vacation in 2020

September 4, 2020

2020 is easily one of the most stressful years in recent memory. With a global pandemic that’s shaken the world and caused many businesses to shutter, it’s been tough to find the opportunity to relax and unwind. Matched with an increasingly hectic schedule, going on a spa vacation seems like an impossible dream.

The thing is, with rising stress levels and growing uncertainty in the world, chances are that you need a spa vacation now more than ever. As these places are known for healing and recovering, it’s a perfect way for you to take a break from your life and recharge.

Here are three reasons you should take a spa vacation in 2020:

It Helps You Fight Stress

Although everyone experiences stress, it’s actually pretty dangerous. Many illnesses result from stress. It can manifest in anything imaginable: migraines, acne, heart disease, or even digestive issues. When your body is under stress, it is always in fight or flight mode, taking on constant tension even when unnecessary. This persistent state can make you very sick. 

Thankfully, a spa vacation is a great way to reduce stress. Most venues that offer spa and wellness programs feature green spaces, like botanical gardens and walking trails, that encourage quietness the moment you arrive. Some even restrict WiFi access and force you to turn off your cellphones. While the thought of being disconnected can be intimidating, sometimes that’s just what you need to totally refresh yourself.

It Teaches You Mindfulness 

With the rapid pace of the world, you’re expected to always be “on.” Your mind is always humming with your daily tasks, household chores, and other responsibilities, so it can be challenging to find a quiet moment of peace. Fortunately, a spa vacation helps you silence your mind and slow the speed of your thoughts, which will reduce cortisol levels and lower blood pressure. It also allows you to feel more in control of your emotions, which is an incredibly valuable skill.

Spa vacations also teach mindfulness, which helps you stay in the present moment instead of focusing on activities that fill your week. When you’re racing to tick off boxes in your endless to-do list, it can be challenging to appreciate the present as it is. Learning to be mindful through meditation helps break this cycle and enables you to feel happier. It encourages you to focus on small but meaningful things: a gorgeous sunset, leaves drifting in the breeze, or butterflies fluttering past.

It Encourages Healthy Eating

Eating well is one of the most critical parts of leading a healthy life. Many diseases start in the intestines, so eating well is crucial to your wellbeing. If you’re used to your current diet and find it challenging to break out of, then going on a spa vacation is an effective way to finally switch. They often offer high-quality, fresh, and nutritious foods, which may be the push you need to change your diet for good. 

Many spa vacation venues offer wellness programs or healthy eating. At Venice Krabi, all our meals are farm-to-table, ensuring that you’re getting sustainably-sourced yet healthy food. This will give you new ideas of what to try cooking once you get home to continue a more nutritious diet.


With 2020 being an incredibly distressing year, taking a break to pause and unwind is more vital to your health than ever. With many spa treatments like hot stone massages and facials, coupled with daily meditation and healthy eating, a spa vacation is a great way to hit the reset button on your life and restore your health.

Venice Krabi Villa Resort is an eco-friendly luxury accommodation in Ao Nam Mao, Thailand. Unwind with an authentic back-to-nature experience at our resort, where you’ll be lounging in one of our overwater lagoon villas. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our facilities!

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