Venice Krabi Villa Resort

4 Reasons a Villa Is Perfect for Your Next Getaway to Krabi

February 25, 2021

Considering how long everyone has been cooped up indoors, we’re sure many of you are itching for a nice luxurious vacation in Krabi. While you could opt for a nice hotel room, we suggest that you try something new and book a stay at a villa resort in Krabi for your next getaway!

We understand if you’re a little hesitant, as hotels are the most common accommodation when traveling. However, if you give it a chance, villas can actually be a great option when you’re going on vacation.

To help make this decision easier, we’ve put together a list of four reasons you should book a villa for your next getaway to Krabi!

1. It Offers Excellent Service

Unlike hotels, villas don’t have hundreds of guests at one time, which means that the staff’s attention will mostly be on the current guests that have booked the villas. This all but ensures excellent service for the entirety of your stay. Whether you’re on a honeymoon or a family trip, the staff will surely focus on fulfilling your various needs!

2. It Gives You a Taste of Local Culture

Another advantage that villas have over other types of accommodations is that it lets you live like a local. While hotels are designed in a way to provide pleasurable and relaxing experiences for their guests, they can also often be out of touch with the local culture – villas are the opposite. 

Everything from the architecture to the food that you’ll be eating is heavily rooted in the local culture. If you’re looking for an immersive experience, villas are definitely the way to go. Staying at a villa can also give you some valuable information on local spots that are unknown to tourists. This can give you a totally new and authentic experience that you’ll cherish long after your trip is over.

3. It Allows for a More Personalized Experience

Aside from getting to know the local culture better, villas often provide a more personalized and customizable experience for their guests. This applies to everything from the activities you’ll be partaking in during your stay to personalized accommodations designed to fit specific diets and lifestyles. 

Do you want to stay in a luxury and halal-friendly villa resort? Are you Looking for eco-friendly accommodations? Different villas offer a wide variety of options that fit whatever it is you are looking for, and Venice Krabi is the place for you!

4. It Is Better for Bigger Groups

When it comes to villas, space is never going to be an issue. This is why it’s great for larger groups. If you opt to stay at a villa, you and your friends or your family can have an entire place to yourselves and won’t have to worry about disturbing other guests. You’ll be able to sleep comfortably, with most (if not all) of you having your own rooms!


If you’re planning a trip to Krabi soon, we suggest you try booking a villa. Villas offer a multitude of new experiences that you may never get at more traditional accommodations, such as a hotel. Trust us when we say that staying at a villa will completely redefine traveling for you, as it allows you to see a destination from an entirely new point of view!

The Venice Krabi Villa Resort is an eco-friendly villa resort in Krabi that is second to none when it comes to its amenities and accommodations. If you’re looking for the best resort in Krabi, be sure to contact us today to book your stay!

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