Venice Krabi Villa Resort

4 Reasons Villa Resorts Are Better Than Hotels, Our Guide

December 11, 2020

Planning for your ideal travel experience can be challenging, especially when you think about the available accommodation options. Hotels are just so expensive these days and often don’t offer much to enjoy unless you pay extra. Fortunately, smart travel planners like you can start right when you check out villa resorts for your next trip. But what exactly makes them superior over hotels? 

This article will discuss the four reasons why villa resorts are better than hotels. Take this as an opportunity to be smart about your travel budget and connections. That way, you won’t have a hard time convincing your friends and family to join your next trip because they know it’s always going to be well-planned and exciting! 

1. Villa resorts are accommodations and destinations at lower costs!

Most travelers can expect the common sights from hotels that are the same-old bland accommodations with not enough amenities. Some unreasonably cheap hotels just have a singular pool, high-priced food, and a room to put your stuff in a storage-like unit. 

You don’t have to worry about the disappointing hotel experience with villa resorts—the lovechild of responsibly priced accommodations with scenic, nearby locations! At a villa, there are enough pools and authentic travel attractions for your convenient enjoyment. Arguably, you don’t even need to leave the villa because it blends well with local culture—a budget traveler’s utopia!    

2. Villa resorts are ideal for guests looking to plan special events!

One of the most popular things travelers do during the holidays is special events, like birthdays and intimate gatherings. The logistical nature of these plans abroad can be very demanding, especially since you have to think about the budget, human resources, activities, and other related details. Fortunately, the best solution is to host your special events at villas, where everything is ready for you and your guests! 

For example, let’s say you are planning a milestone birthday party for your father in Thailand. You decide to go to Krabi because that’s where your mother is from, and there’s an ideal resort villa with pools, rooms, and catering services! The special event will be a memorable one because everything is close by and more intimate than staying in different hotels. Villa resorts are the best solution for intimate gatherings abroad!  

3. Villa resorts offer a more home-like space ideal for families! 

Hotels abroad often get a bad reputation for being too inappropriate for children because of the ambiance. For instance, you can easily find people smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages around the area. As a result, there are often no areas for your kids to play, forcing you to leave them unattended in your hotel room. 

There’s a home-like aura and family-positive tourist experience at villa resorts, and you can easily connect with other guests and staff. You don’t have to worry about leaving your children because you can take them with you to go swimming, sightseeing, and enjoy other activities! 

4. Villa hotels have more exciting themes and styles suitable for your ideal vacation! 

Many hotels are the same old, dull establishment with white walls and tacky decorations. It’s so off putting and bland that it can ruin your tourism experience. Hotels are also often very wasteful and don’t think about the environment, and you may not feel comfortable supporting such a conglomerate! 

Fortunately for you, there are villa resorts that cater to your ideal lifestyle. For instance, there are luxury, halal-friendly villa resorts for your patronage. Some are even eco-friendly! You would be proud to support these accommodations because they offer livelihood and have advocacies close to your heart! 


Many travelers may go for hotel accommodations, but that doesn’t mean they’re the most ideal options for a relaxing getaway. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what makes villa resorts superior. Consider all the previously mentioned reasons, and stay at your dream accommodation today! 

Are you looking for an eco-friendly villa resort in Krabi? Stay with us at Venice Krabi! We can offer you the best accommodations as you enjoy the overwater lagoon and take in the fresh mangrove air and picturesque rice paddies view! Book your travel stay with us and enjoy the best hospitality experience Thailand has to offer! 

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