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4 Temples You Must Visit During Your Next Krabi Trip

March 5, 2021

Krabi is mostly known for its lush green forests and pristine beaches, but there’s a lot more to this region than meets the eye. While you could easily spend all your time at the many wonderful resorts in Krabi, you’d definitely be missing out if you do not explore the region’s rich culture.

One of the best ways to delve into Krabi’s culture is by paying a visit to the area’s stunning temples. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of four must-visit temples that you can explore during your next trip to Krabi:

1. Wat Kaew Korawaram

Wat Kaew Korawaram is one of the biggest temples in Krabi. It is located smack dab in Krabi Town’s heart and is one of the region’s most popular attractions. The temple’s main attraction is its 2,500 sqm terrace that you can access by going through a spectacular ornate staircase lined with gold Naga snake statues. We suggest visiting the temple during the sunset hours, as the sight of the sun hitting the golden statues makes for a breathtaking sight.

If you’re planning to visit the temple, we also recommend checking out the nearby Krabi Night Market before you head back to your resort or villa. The market is held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and boasts a wide array of local products and street food.

2. Wat Klong Thom

Wat Klong Thom is found in the Klong Thom district that is east of Krabi Town. This temple doubles as a museum and is filled with artifacts, such as ancient stones, bronze tools, and pottery. Some of the artifacts in the museum are over 500 years old, which makes this temple a great stop if you want to know more about the town’s history. 

3. Wat Tham Sua

Now, we understand that the 1237 steps that lead up to Wat Tham Sua may be a little daunting but trust us when we say it’s well worth the trip! Wat Tham Sua or Tiger Cave Temple is one of Krabi’s most beautiful natural wonders. Not only does the temple house a golden Buddha that sits atop its peak, but it also gives you one of the best views of Krabi that the region has to offer.

Now, one thing you have to remember is that this temple holds great importance from both a cultural and spiritual standpoint. This is why you’ll need to dress respectfully when visiting the temple. We also suggest not bringing along jewelry or any valuable items as playful monkeys freely roam the space and may snatch away your belongings. Given the arduous trek to the top, we suggest that you avoid making the climb in the afternoon so that you can avoid the harsh midday sun.

4. Wat Sai Thai

Wat Sai Thai is a Buddhist Temple in Sai Thai. Its most prominent feature is its gigantic reclining Buddha statue that’s situated beneath a cliff. The temple also boasts smaller golden sitting Buddha statues that are well worth going out of your way to see!


Be sure to explore the world outside of your resort in Krabi during your next visit. Indeed, the four temples mentioned above will help make your trip so much more fulfilling as they’ll really help you soak in the local culture and history!

If you’re looking for a host capable of providing you with the full experience, then look no further than our villa in Krabi. Get in touch with us today at Venice Krabi so that we can help you book your next stay!

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