4 Ways to Maximize Your Time in Nature & Eliminate Stress

September 18, 2020

Finding free days can be challenging, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. Phone calls, meetings, errands, and projects do a great job at keeping you away from nature. When you have time to take a break, choose to surround yourself with nature and find an eco-friendly villa resort to totally disconnect from the noise. 

How you spend your days in nature can affect not only your experience, but your physical, emotional, and mental state as well. Being mindful of your experience when you’re going out on trips can give you a better and more rewarding break. 

If you’re having trouble disconnecting from your work, and stress and anxiety keep creeping up , we’ve created a list of activities you can do to help you relax, rejuvenate, and recharge while surrounded by nature. 

1. Absorb the energy of the scenery and wilderness

Being in front of our screens and constantly being on the go affect how we perceive life. Sometimes, we forget to slow down and savor the moments we have. One way to practice being one with nature is by focusing on your surroundings and appreciating its every detail.

When you absorb the energy and imagery of the sunset and waves, you’ll be transported to a calmer mental space. This will help you de-stress and forget your worries. Being mindful of your surroundings and absorbing its energy will allow you to be in sync with nature’s ebb and flow.

2. Incorporate music in your meditation

If you’re having trouble shutting off the noise in your head or you’re not used to sitting in silence, pausing and listening to music can help you reground. Playing relaxing and meditative music, soft enough for you to hear the waves crash on the shore, will give you a magical experience. 

When you practice meditating with music, you’ll slowly notice that your thoughts won’t drift as much as they used to, and you’ll be able to focus and find your center. Eventually, you’ll be able to meditate with the sound of your natural surroundings. 

3. Spend time under the sunshine

Another great way to get in touch with nature is by doing activities that you usually do indoors, under the sun. Even enjoying a book under the sun has several benefits. Natural environments enhance your cognitive abilities, memory, and problem-solving skills. This is because the calm state of nature helps us focus and puts us in a better headspace.

You can also enjoy your meals outside. Having your meals by the beach is a great way to disconnect and just focus on spending quality time with the people you love. Being around nature and hearing the waves’ sound is a bonus to your already serene weekend getaway. 

4. Moon bathe and stargaze

Eco-friendly villas and resorts are surrounded by nature, such as hills, forests, beaches, and lagoons. The best way to maximize this is by enjoying nature even at night. After spending time under the sun, balance it out with a bonding session with the moon. 

Sit by your villa’s porch, moon bathe, stargaze, and have a different sense of calm that only the night can bring. Spending a night under the stars can help completely disconnect you from your busy lifestyle. The sound of crickets and flowing water can help you relax and release your stress and worries.


Taking a break from the city’s noise and your hectic lifestyle is incredibly important to keep you in a healthy mental and physical state. You can’t be one hundred percent your best self when you don’t take time to recharge. This is why you should spend a weekend or two in a relaxing resort to help release your stress and worries. Going out of town and finding the perfect eco-friendly villa resort, such as Venice Krabi, can help you disconnect and reconnect with nature. 

Venice Krabi Villa Resort is an eco-friendly villa resort in Krabi that provides an authentic back-to-nature experience without compromising luxury. Our unique resort in Ao Nam Mao is a village of overwater lagoon villas surrounded by lush mangrove forests that help you reconnect with nature. Check out our villas and book a reservation today!

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