Venice Krabi Villa Resort

5 Essentials You Need to Bring On a Trip to Krabi

February 12, 2021

Thailand is a beautiful place to go on an adventure because of all the wonderful areas you can visit. Whether you want to see mountains, coastal towns, beaches, and lake districts, you  can see all this and more in the tropical Southeast Asian country. You’ll never run out of choices, and one area that’s notable for many travelers is Krabi. 

Resorts in Krabi are luxurious and well-built, and there are plenty of surrounding natural wonders that you can explore while living the fantastic vacation experience. A Krabi villa resort is where you want to be because you’ll be getting the best of luxury and nature surrounding you at all times. However, everyone needs to be aware of the packing list that will make the trip enjoyable and stress-free, which will be discussed today:

Packing the Essentials

Since Thailand is tropical, you’ll be exposed to various climate changes and diverse wildlife. You’ll need to pack essential items if you wish to enjoy the beautiful scenery and trails without being bogged down by the environment. Here’s what you need to bring when you book a resort that has villas in Krabi:

1. Mosquito Repellant

The tropics mean pleasantly warm weather, but the issue with Thailand’s climate is that it is a healthy breeding ground for mosquitoes. These blood-sucking pests can cause nasty bites and even transmit diseases that can ruin your vacation. While you cannot control the mosquitos that roam around a Krabi villa resort, you can prepare your skin by priming it with some repellant. Mosquitos are an issue in many tropical countries, so it pays to be ready for these flying insects to ensure that your vacation is smooth. 

2. A Packable Poncho

Some days in tropical countries have unpredictable weather. While the forecast says that a bright and sunny day is ahead, this can quickly turn into showers or light rains. You don’t want to be caught soaked or exposed to rain, so ensure that you bring a lightweight, packable poncho or rain jacket. This piece will help prevent you from getting sick while strolling around Krabi or going on a nature adventure. Ensure that the jacket is lightweight and breathable, as rainy days in the tropics can be very humid and hot. 

3. Hiking Shoes

Pack comfortable shoes that you have already broken-in for maximum comfort. Lots of places in Krabi will require walking to soak in the local culture, which is why you’ll want to ensure that your feet are comfortable. You’ll also want to make sure that you have the right footwear for hiking trails if you’re going to step into the forests to experience great trails, as some terrain can be slippery and dangerous. 

4. Light Material Clothing

Pack tons of dry-fit clothing and exercise wear on top of the beach clothing. These clothes will help you keep cool during hot days adventuring around the local towns, which can reduce risks of a heat stroke. Additionally, these will wick sweat off your body efficiently and dry quickly to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the day. 

5. A First-Aid Kit

You’ll want to pack all your essential medications, emergency bandages, and other ointments just in case you or someone else gets hurt during an outdoor activity. Sometimes, people might get sick from the changes in temperatures that come with tropical countries, which is why you need to pack the right medicines. Ensure that you come prepared with band-aids and other wound cleaning supplies to help yourself in the event of cuts or bruises. 


You’ll want these essential supplies and clothing ready for your trip to Thailand, as the tropical climate can be challenging to navigate if you’re not well prepared. Villas in Krabi might be exquisite and luxurious, but if you plan to experience the area in its entirety, you’ll want the right clothing and supplies to stay comfortable. 

Venice Krabi is a unique resort filled with villas in Krabi that features villa cabins along a lagoon, with a beautiful beach and the freshest foods available. Experience Krabi in a unique way by waking up to a lagoon in front of you and traversing the resort through boat rides with breathtaking views. 

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