6 Signs You Need to Pack Your Bags and Go on a Vacation

October 22, 2020

Burnout is real. If you find yourself feeling super stressed out and unable to balance your job with your other responsibilities, you may be suffering from its effects. Sometimes, the best thing you can give yourself in this situation is quality rest. Think of the last time you had a real vacation and escaped all your troubles for rest and recreation. If you do not remember it, you probably need to go on one now.

If you are not yet convinced, check how many signs on this list resonate with you. If you can relate to more than half, file a leave from work and pack your bags because you need to give yourself some rest. 

#1 – You feel negative on most days

There are only two feelings that you encounter most of the time: you feel bored and lack the motivation to finish your tasks. If you also think that everyone from work and everything about the job irritates you, then maybe it is time to step back. All these will lead to you feeling unfulfilled and questioning your chosen career path. While occasional reflection helps your personal growth, you also need to allow yourself to breathe before you proceed with processing your emotions.

#2 – You are having difficulty sleeping

Stress hormones make it difficult for your body to unwind before bedtime, fall asleep, and even stay asleep—and this situation can be dangerous to your overall health. Sleep is when your body recovers from your daily activities. If your body is unable to get enough sleep, you will feel weary instead of revitalized. 

#3 – You keep making mistakes at work 

When you experience chronic stress, your mind finds it difficult to concentrate. If not handled properly, it can affect your performance at work. It does not only impair your memory, but it also affects your problem-solving and decision-making skills. 

#4 – You participate in counterproductive work behavior

When you feel burnt out, you are more prone to doing things you do not intend to. For example, you may not want to actively undermine your company’s best interests, but you end up getting into arguments with your co-workers or being late at work. Because of stress, you subconsciously engage yourself in behavior that can negatively impact your productivity and \performance. 

#5 – You realize you have no life outside of work

Here is what your daily routine might look like: You wake up, work all day, and go home thinking about your job. You have no hobbies or other activities besides going to the office and working, yet you feel exhausted. Another sign is not having anything else to talk to friends and family about besides work. 

#6 – You develop unhealthy coping mechanisms

You might think you are practicing self-care when you are actually doing the complete opposite. If you find yourself reaching for a glass of wine or a bag of chips just to keep yourself relaxed or occupied, you are indeed suffering from burnout. You may have free time, but you are too tired to exercise. Instead, you end up watching TV while munching on sugary snacks. This is a clear sign that you have to do something about your situation.


Burnout is not a simple condition that you can shrug off. If this stress becomes constant, it can make you feel helpless, disillusioned, and completely drained. See it as a sign that something important in your life is no longer working for you. When in this situation, make time for self-recovery. A breath of fresh air will always be good for your mind and body.

Why not treat yourself to a relaxing and romantic vacation? Experiencing nature is always a great way to destress and unwind. Book an eco-friendly villa resort in Krabi for your escape. Venice Krabi Villa Resort can help give you a memorable, authentic, and luxurious experience inspired by the Thai sea gypsies’ way of life. 

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