7 Reasons to Go Kayaking in Krabi

November 20, 2020

Your vacation here at the Venice Krabi Villa Resort doesn’t need to be all about being laid back and taking a break; it can also be an opportunity for you to be active, bounce back into shape, and reconnect with yourself, your friends, and your family. So if you’re looking for a new way to work out, explore, or relax, kayaking is an incredibly versatile water sport with little to no learning curve. This means that anybody can give it a go!

Are there any health benefits?

Yes, there are tons! Here are seven reasons why we think kayaking should be an item to cross off on your bucket list—four for your physical wellbeing, and three for your mental and emotional health.


1. Engages your upper body

You’ll be using your arms to paddle your way over the water, and it’s a fun way to boost your upper body strength. The physical exertion from moving the kayak extends to muscles that are located on your back, shoulders, and chest.

The number of strokes it takes to travel a kilometer varies, depending on factors like water resistance, the wind, and the body of water you’re traveling on. However, it’s safe to say that you’ll get at least a few hundred in! This means you’re getting quite a bit of an upper body burn on—but you won’t realize it as you feel the wind on your face!

2. Tones your legs

On a kayak, your legs are responsible for applying the pressure necessary to keep the rest of your body balanced on the vehicle. When you get ready to turn or make a maneuver, you also tighten and loosen the muscles in your legs to adjust to the transition. While it isn’t as evident as the amount of engagement your arms need to put in to steer the kayak, your legs are still engaged as you travel.

3. Trains your core muscles

As you reach forward for every stroke, you may notice that you’ll involuntarily be contracting your abs to get the most out of each movement. The same goes for the muscles on your lower back when you pull the stroke forward. Any twisting motion made on the kayak engages your obliques, and the mere act of staying balanced while sitting on a kayak is enough to provide a small level of engagement to your core muscles throughout the activity.

4. Controls your body weight

Studies show that just an hour spent on the kayak can burn 500 calories, assuming that you paddle at an average of eight kilometers per hour. While this doesn’t seem as high-volume as other exercises, like running, keep in mind that kayaking can go on for hours and there’s also a lot more to experience compared to just running laps or hopping onto a treadmill.

Most people who have chosen to kayak as their main exercise spend the entire afternoon on the water. This translates to almost 1,600 burned calories for every kayaking session you go on. You can start slow and allocate a few of your afternoons per week for the activity, mixing it up with other traditional exercises until you achieve your desired weight.


1. Can function as a group activity

Kayaking isn’t complicated, and once you find your balance, it’s easy to learn the rest. If you’re looking for a new way to hang out with friends and family, then the kayak is a combination of fun physical activity and exploration—especially when you’re at the top Krabi resort villa!

2. Gives you time to relax

There’s nothing like fresh air and the outdoors when it comes to looking for a way to unwind. Kayaking gives you the opportunity to unplug from your day to day responsibilities and focus on having fun on the water.

If you aren’t into group activities and would prefer an activity that gives you the space to let your mind wander, then kayaking can easily be a solo activity. You are free to explore by yourself, focusing on your thoughts and internal reflections.

3. Functions as a self-improvement activity

Are you looking for a new challenge? Recording your performance for every kayak session is easy! Each time you venture out, you can keep track of your speed, how far you’ve gone, and the time that you finish kayaking. Setting up small goals and achieving them one at a time can be a huge mood booster.


Looking for a resort that can offer both relaxation and stimulation? Here at the Venice Krabi Villa Resort, we have a variety of water activities available for you to try—kayaking, paddleboarding, kite surfing, and more! This is your chance to book an eco-friendly villa resort for your next getaway!

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