Best Ways to Make Your Krabi Beach Vacation Memorable

November 27, 2020

No matter which beach you visit, a beach vacation will always be a thrilling experience. This is the perfect chance for people to get together with family and friends, participate in numerous fun activities, as well as strengthen bonds and relationships. Needless to say, this is also a big opportunity for creating memories that will last a lifetime.

There is no doubt that the beach is the best place for fun and relaxation in one go. However, before heading out to find an eco-friendly villa resort in Krabi, a few things need to be done first. It is imperative to accomplish them so that your beach vacation trip is nothing less than ideal. Here are some tips on the best way to make your Krabi beach vacation memorable.

Remember Sunscreen

Even if you book your trip at one of the top villas in Krabi, you’ll still need sunscreen for the sake of your skin. While it may seem a little tempting to skip the sunscreen because it’s typically sticky and thick, it’s worth noting that modern sunscreen comes in a wide variety for different skin types. The most vital aspect, however, is that the sunscreen you bring has a high SPF rating. Get one with an SPF of at least 30, and don’t forget to put sunscreen on before heading out to the beach and going swimming.

Don’t Delay Packing Until the Last Minute

You are more likely to pick random things whenever you are in a rush to go somewhere, barely realizing what you’re tossing into your bag. When you reach your destination, that will be the only time you’ll realize you’ve packed the wrong items or, worse, forgotten important ones. It is necessary to pack ahead of time. Be sure to research your destination and the activities that will take place once you’re there. That way, you can gauge exactly what you need to bring.

Avoid Packing Too Much

No matter how prepared you want to be for anything that may come up, pack as lightly as possible. After all, you’re going on vacation and heavy luggage is the last thing you want to deal with during departure or arrival. Stick to the essentials; a beach trip requires a swimsuit, shorts, towels, and the like. It goes without saying that things like high heels and bulky coats are unnecessary in a beach setting. 

Bring More Delicates

There is barely any space taken up by underwear when you pack. They’re the piece of clothing you change the most, especially when at a beach. Anything could happen, especially an emergency situation or a sudden shift in your itinerary. The best plan is always to pack more underwear than what you initially think you would need or use. 


The best way to make the most of a beach trip is to be prepared. Plan smartly and note all of your essentials. When you’ve got your sunscreen and other necessities, you’ll be able to have a good time at the beach.

Looking to give yourself a break and book a resort in Krabi? Contact Venice Krabi today! We are an eco resort in Ao Nam Mao offering a back-to-nature experience for all our guests. 

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