Venice Krabi Villa Resort

How to Plan a Stress-Free, Eco-Friendly Luxury Beach Holiday

January 22, 2021

Who doesn’t dream of going on a luxury beach vacation with their loved one? The idea of lounging around at the beach is a dream, especially when a massage, or a delicious cocktail at sunset awaits. Many people try to avoid daydreaming about such a vision, assuming that they’ll have to pay a fortune to turn it into reality. However, planning a luxurious beach holiday doesn’t have to exhaust your savings, and most importantly, your sanity, which is why it is important to map it out from start to finish.

While there are still restrictions on worldwide travel, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead when that much-awaited time finally comes. Here are some tips to help plan the perfect, stress-free beach holiday:

Research and plan early

Once you have settled on a destination, give yourself some time to figure out which flights, accommodation, and island tours you want to book. There are countless resources available online to help you decide. 

You can go on websites such as TripAdvisor to see if resorts, tours, and transfer services have good ratings from clients. This way, you won’t have to feel pressured when you have to do everything on-the-spot.

Consider eco-friendly beach destinations and tours

One of the most valuable travel trends that came up in the last years is eco-tourism. It encourages everyone to observe responsible travel practices, such as paying specific attention to the environmental, social, and economic impact of tourism.

Book an eco-friendly villa resort or take part in earth-friendly practices present in sustainable tours. It could also be a good bonding activity for you and your partner. While taking the time to nourish yourself on a holiday, you and your partner will find it mentally and emotionally satisfying to contribute to this worldwide cause. 

Recognize the right moments to splurge

What is a luxurious holiday without giving in to lavish options? While it might be tempting to always go on an upscale route, limit your “splurge moments” to one or two. It could be a meal at a fine dining restaurant or a private tour to a secluded island with your significant other. 

Remember that it’s the experience that makes a trip worthwhile and not the actual money you spend. It might be helpful to manage your budget and set expectations based on what you would really like to do, rather than copying your holiday off of an Instagram influencer. 

Keep everything organized

It’s easy to lose track of everything when you’re having fun. One moment, you’re enjoying a walk at the other side of town and before you know it, you’re late for dinner without a ride back to the resort. 

You don’t need a rigid itinerary to enjoy your luxury beach vacation. Keep it simple by writing a list that states how long you want to spend in each destination, with emergency numbers to call, such as transportation options or the number of the hotel. 

Prepare all the necessary documents

If there’s anything we learned from traveling in 2020, it’s that anything can turn sour at any given time. Before the pandemic, planning a holiday has always been a celebrated activity. However, things can be stressful if you don’t plan with caution. 

Prepare all the documents needed to travel abroad, especially if you have a medical history that you need to disclose. Get all the clearance necessary on your way to your destination and for your travel back home. Remember to follow travel protocols and always bring a mask and a face shield. 


It pays to carefully plan a holiday ahead of time. Researching and reading about your destination is half the battle, and taking note of new travel protocols can save you from experiencing lots of trouble ahead. If you’re looking for a unique experience, visit lesser known beaches that offer a luxurious experience for an affordable price. Ao Nam Mao Beach in Krabi, Thailand is a good example. It is still relatively quiet and undeveloped, the beach stretches over three kilometers and wraps around coves. 

Dreaming of spending some time in a Krabi luxury resort? Book a stay in Venice Krabi Villa Resort, a unique eco resort in Ao Nam Mao surrounded by lush mangrove forests, lagoons, and rice paddies. You’ll be inspired by the Thai sea gypsy way of life and experience a nourishing break from the bustling city life. 

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