How to Take Better Travel Photos, Photography Tips to Remember

September 11, 2020

Photos are the best way to remember an occasion, a place, or a vacation. They let you revisit beautiful sights and the memories you made along the way. That’s why anyone serious about traveling needs to know how to take great photos, not just to upload to their Instagram feeds but also to transport them to another place and time.

But how does one take great travel photos in the first place? The good news is that you don’t need to have the latest camera or the best lens out there. You can capture amazing moments with just your smartphone, but you need to know a few photography basics to take truly stunning pictures. Check out these tips to help you get started:

Make sure your image is well-lighted

A well-lighted scene makes a high-quality photograph. The light’s temperature and intensity play a crucial role in your photography.

  • Utilize natural lighting

The beauty of taking travel photos is that you have plenty of natural light to take advantage of. When shooting indoors, open your windows to let more of the sun’s rays in. On the other hand, slightly cloudy days are the best days for shooting outdoors. In this weather, the clouds act as your diffuser, and it softens the light rays for you to get the perfect bright shot.

  • Consider the time of the day

Consider taking photos during the golden hours. That is one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. Most photographers say that these times offer the best color and light for a photograph. If you want to capture a particularly scenic place, consider planning your schedule to shoot it during the golden hour. 

Be mindful of your composition

Composition refers to how you frame your photographs or how the elements present are arranged. Here are the fundamental tips to remember: 

  • Follow the rule of thirds

Imagine splitting your photo into nine equal parts using imaginary horizontal and vertical lines. According to the rule of thirds, you should place the subject of the photo along these lines or where they intersect. This gives you a more balanced shot.

  • Create good framing

This tip is where you can exercise your creativity. This time, you can play around with the elements of your photograph. Shoot through a doorway, pull back the curtains, or frame your subject with branches to make a more appealing photo.

There are many ways you can frame your subject. You can play with the light and shadow or follow leading lines. You can also experiment by using natural or architectural elements to enhance your subject. 


You are free to take photos of anything you want on your vacation, but following the tips mentioned here will enhance your photographs. Remember to familiarize yourself with how your camera works and always practice.

Going to a beautiful location can also make the job easier for you. When in a beautiful country like Thailand, you only need to frame your shot well and use the recommended settings, and your photo will indeed turn out great. 

If you’re looking for a unique accommodation in Krabi where you can take amazing photos, consider staying at Venice Krabi Villa Resort. Our overwater villas, surrounded by lush mangrove forests, lagoons, and rice paddies, will let you experience the Thai sea gypsies’ way of living. Browse our page or contact us here to learn more about our villa resort. 

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