Love Is in the Air – 3 Honeymoon Activities to Do in Krabi, Thailand

November 13, 2020

Love is in the salty air of Krabi, a colorful province with an archipelago of small islands. In between the vibrant towns and pristine beaches, you’ll find a treasure trove of rich cultural heritage, relaxation like no other, and adventure all in one. 

With plenty of sights and activities to experience, Krabi is a go-to destination for newly-wed couples who are searching for thrilling honeymoon excursions. Diverse wildlife, exotic beauty, and nature-driven escapades are on the horizon, and the list below explores the best way to make the most of your lovely stay: 

Tip #1: Relish Your Moments Together by Lounging at Krabi’s Railay Beach 

For beach-bums who want to escape the fast-paced life in the city, lounging by Railay Beach is the perfect way to slow down and enjoy precious moments with your partner. While it’s Krabi’s most sought-after beach, the destination will not bombard you with curious tourists as the gem is only accessible by boats. 

Palm trees line the long stretch of white coastline, where you can walk and relish the stunning, panoramic views. If you want to squeeze in some thrilling activities in between, you can explore the hidden wonders in the beach’s caves. 

Tip #2: Take a Refreshing Adventure Underwater by Snorkeling in Krabi’s Different Dive Spots 

If you are itching to explore the colorful marine life in Krabi, there’s no better activity than to dive deep into the mesmerizing sea and try snorkeling with your partner. There are many shallow points in different dive shops across Krabi, so you’re sure to find a beginner-friendly area where you can witness rock formations and kaleidoscopic aquatic life under the sea. 

Tip #3: Experience the Ultimate Relaxation by Going on a Couple Spa

Thailand is famous for its health-boosting massages, so why not end a busy day by going to a couple’s spa in Krabi? There are hundreds of reputable wellness spas across the town, but most luxurious hotels offer massage packages that aim to pamper couples. It’s the perfect way to come down from your high-octane vacation and soothe your exhaustion away. 

The Bottom Line: How Krabi, Thailand is the Ultimate Place For a Lovely Getaway 

Krabi is a perennial favorite among wanderlust couples who want to celebrate the new chapter of their lives in a sun-soaked destination. The ever-green landscape, colorful towns, and postcard-perfect beaches are sure to bring out each other’s adventurous side, making the trip to Thailand a vacation worth remembering for a lifetime. 

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