Venice Krabi Villa Resort

This Is How You Spot a Genuine Eco-Friendly Resort

January 15, 2021

It can be difficult to select the right villa resort, especially if you’re looking for a new destination and prefer staying in a place that offers eco-friendly accommodations. Unfortunately, some lodgings pretend to be all for the environment—even when their practices and policies prove otherwise!

If you’re firm about helping the environment, you should take the time to do your research. That way, you will eventually find a real eco-friendly villa resort that meets your needs and holds the same values as you do.

The place you choose should show that they’re making a significant impact on their environment, including the local community and the wildlife thriving within the area. Keep reading below to find out ways that you can tell if the resort villa you’re planning to check into can meet your expectations.

They Encourage You to Conserve Energy and Water

The eco-friendly villas you end up scouting should be making an effort to save water and energy for the future of the environment. If they’re firm about their decisions, they will also ask their guests to keep the cleanliness of the area intact.

They will strive to advise their guests on how to use the water and energy in their rooms and the amenities found in the resort. They want to guarantee that everyone is doing their part in preserving the environment because you are all expected in your little ways to save the world.

They Inspire You to Choose Sustainable Practices

When you find Krabi resorts that incorporate eco-friendly practices, it will be a bonus if they make the extra effort to inspire travelers coming from different parts of the world to practice sustainability. If they can educate you and teach you ways to conserve energy and live mindfully, then you’ve just found the resort of your dreams.

You can email or call your chosen resort whether they offer brochures, guides, or even short seminars regarding ways guests can help minimize their use of energy and water. It involves the proper way to reduce, reuse, and recycle things like bed sheets, towels, and dishes!

They Prioritize Your Comfort and Enjoyment

Besides focusing on your expectations, the hotel you choose should learn to meet your needs as well, primarily your level of comfort and enjoyment that you wish to experience in an eco-friendly lodging. When the resort you stay in makes sure you have an unforgettable few days of your vacation, you will want to go back in the future and even bring your friends.

However, you have to remember that most villas that highlight the conservation of the environment will be more rustic and unique compared to typical high-end resorts. As a result, it will be better for you to remain realistic about what you expect to see—but that doesn’t mean you will be let down easily!

Their Location Lives Up to Their Beliefs

The location of the villa is another factor that will affect your decision to ensure your vacation is a memorable one, especially if you’re into eco-friendly accommodation. If you’re more focused on the place you’re staying than the sights you want to visit, then you should take extra time considering the environment to choose.

You can expect plenty of eco villas in remote areas like beaches, lakes, mountains, and forests. Depending on what you prefer the most, it will help you to contact the villas to learn more about the place before you set your heart into booking the eco-friendly villa resort you find.


Being conscious of the environment and the sustainable choices you make daily is a great practice, especially with the world’s current situation concerning global warming and climate issues. Even in your own way, such as picking an eco-friendly resort to stay at, you can expect to create a change and learn to inspire the people around you to start making a difference. 

Are you looking to book the best eco-friendly villa resort in Krabi for your upcoming trip? Venice Krabi offers an authentic and luxurious experience, giving you the luxury of staying on villa resorts over a lagoon surrounded by lush mangrove forests and rice paddies. Get in touch with us today to book a room!

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