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Why Have a Second Honeymoon 4 Benefits to Your Relationship

December 25, 2020

Many long-married couples go on romantic vacations to celebrate their relationships’ milestones. Sometimes, they revisit their first honeymoon location, relive their memories of the place, and spend time enjoying each other’s company. It is a custom that can benefit both people and also the overall relationship, but not everyone practices it.

Here is why going on a second honeymoon is a must for every couple:

#1: Honeymoons are great stress relievers

No one said that married life is perfect. Every couple experiences different levels of stress every day. They need to attend to household chores, perform their work, deal with financial matters, provide for the family, and other things that can fully deplete one’s energy. 

Every couple deserves a break from all of these once in a while. They deserve to re energize, see the beautiful side of the world, have a relaxing trip, collect new memories, and experience new things. 

A day spent with nature is perfect for unwinding. Seeing beautiful surroundings can reduce people’s fear, anxiety, and stress. It also increases one’s pleasant feelings. If you believe that a trip is all you need to make a fresh start, go on that second honeymoon.

#2: It is one way to strengthen your relationship

Every successful relationship starts with a strong friendship. Spending time alone as a couple and away from all your stressors will give you more time to deepen your relationship. 

There are surely new things to discover about your partner. During this special time, you can talk about other things aside from work, family, or kids. Feel free to relive the days when your problems were simpler. Find new things or places to explore. Talk about things that interest you. Do something you never thought you could do. 

#3: It improves your sexual relationship

A second honeymoon is an ideal time to relive that perfect night you had when you got married—but in a better way. After years of being together, you now understand your bodies better and how your partner responds to every touch, hug, and kiss. It is the time to act as if you are newly-weds, but with better experience and knowledge.

Show your affection, be intimate, flirt with each other, make love, and do the things you know you cannot do at home. Take this moment to enjoy being with each other while being in a magical place. The second honeymoon is the best time to experience the bond of physical intimacy again, years after your marriage.

#4: It is a great reminder of your promise

Your busy schedule and all the little problems you face can sometimes tarnish a good relationship. A second honeymoon is a perfect time to remind yourself again of why you fell in love with each other all those years before.

The beautiful location and romantic vibes will bring out the little butterflies that make your stomach flutter. The clear night sky and stars will allow you to see your partner’s eyes light up once again. The music, drinks, and good food will remind you of all the good times you have shared. More importantly, the whole honeymoon will make you look forward to spending the rest of your lives together.


A second honeymoon can bring so much to your relationship. It is a perfect time to reconnect with your partner. It can help you reach a new level of intimacy while enjoying private time together. It is a celebration of the years you have been together and of the years to come. To keep the fire in your relationship glowing, plan a honeymoon trip with your partner once in a while. 

If you are looking for a luxury resort in Krabi where you can act like new couples again, consider booking a room or villa in Venice Krabi Villa Resort. Every detail in our resort will make you feel at home with nature. Send us a message to book quality time with your partner.

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