Your Travel Guide To Krabi Best Times To Visit

July 17, 2020

When it comes to living in countries with four-seasons, a trip to the tropics is definitely welcome for anyone who wishes to escape the harsh winters and cold fronts each year. Really, who doesn’t want bright and sunny weather coupled with nice beaches and warm temperatures that don’t require people to wrap up and bear the cold?

If you are reading this, you are likely trying to escape freezing up this coming winter, or even just get out of the city and go on vacation to a nice beach in Asia. At Venice Krabi, we are proposing to you one of Thailand’s most beautiful spots: Krabi.

Krabi is filled to the brim with natural and cultural riches, sporting some spectacular scenery with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This article will serve as your guide on Krabi and why you will want to take a trip here when you can.

Two Main Factors To Consider When Visiting Krabi

Krabi is known for its beaches, and beaches are best enjoyed with the perfect weather and how many people are visiting at the time. Peak seasons normally drive prices up on most accommodations, so try to book as early as you can, or at the right times to avoid crowds but still have the best weather.

With that being said, heading to Krabi and having a wonderful experience entails two factors that contribute to it, the first being the weather, and the second being how busy it is. The next point will discuss these two more in-depth:

What Is The Best Time To Visit Krabi?
From experience, December to March hosts the best weather for tourists to enjoy. At these times, you will be able to enjoy dry and sunny weather, with good temperatures that don’t drop below 27 degrees. While some days may be hot, a good swim in the beach is perfect for cooling off

Visiting in late January to March hosts the same weather conditions, but without the rush of the crowds that come in from the ones going on vacation in December and early January. Any time later than March has the climate bumping up to more humid conditions and hotter temperatures.

If you really want to avoid the crowds that flock to Krabi, visiting in April through November can be good, but you trade good weather and temperatures for having the place all to yourself. You may also find better deals on accommodations because of the off-peak season rates to keep the resorts running despite the weather not being the best.

Do note that the rainy season in Krabi lasts from May to October, so you might not have as great of a time as you would in other months. With the risks of monsoon season in Asia bringing in strong winds and rough seas, you are likely going to be unable to explore Krabi’s islands and places around it. If you plan to visit off-season, June and July may be your best options, but these are still a gamble because of how unpredictable the rainy season is.

What Are The Best Festivals In Krabi?

If you are looking for a festival to attend while in Krabi, none are as must-see as those in other areas of Thailand, as Krabi is really known for its beaches and natural wonders. Some festivals include Laanta-Lanta in March where they celebrate the island’s culture with food and entertainment, as well as Songkran (Lunar New Year) from April 13 to 15. There is also a festival that marks the start of the tourist season called the Andaman Sea Festival that runs from November 16 to 18 in Krabi Town, which is a fun time for tourists and locals.


Krabi is an amazing place to visit, and you should be considering it for your next vacation. Whether you are from a winter-stricken country, or from a neighboring Asian country, Thailand’s beaches and culture are something that you will want to experience. Make your next vacation with us at Venice Krabi, and be sure to book early to get the best rates and rooms!

Venice Krabi is a unique villa in Krabi that features villa cabins along a lagoon, with a beautiful beach and the freshest foods available. Experience Krabi in a unique way by waking up to a lagoon in front of you and traversing the resort through a boat ride with breathtaking views.

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